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Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965 - Message Board

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Calling All Grade School Classmates

Nancy Fineout Peterson
05-13-2005 08:30pm
I have Co-Chairs for Boardman, Interlochen, Willow Hill and Eastern (hopefully), Norris, Central, Long Lake and Traverse Hts.  I need Old Mission, Bertha Voss, East Bay, Oak Park, Sabin, Glen Loomis and Cherry Knoll.  Did we miss any?

This will be a great experience.  Talk to me.

Re: Calling All Grade Schools
Marianne, Widge Shapiro
05-23-2005 03:09am
I volunteered for Willow Hill. What are you wanting? I had some ideas and heard of some ideas. Walking around the old neighborhood. Meeting at Sleder's  on Thursday night. What do you want? MOre ideas. I don't live there and don't know what's possible. Contact me please

Re: Calling All Grade Schools
Vicky Springer
05-27-2005 02:18am
I did not find any photos of 6th grade at Eastern.  I remember Mr. Howie as my favorite teacher and sometimes walking home past Ron Heffelfingers parents orchards.  Does anyone have photos of Eastern or memories???  Remember Tom Hanks eating the little corn in the movie Big?  I vaguely remember eating corn like that on the way home. I dreaded the thought of jr. high because there would be new kids and no recess.  

Re: Calling All Grade Schools
Roger Rayle
05-27-2005 02:23pm
Class photos for Boardman School grades K-5 have been posted.

Also, Willow Hill class photos with partially filed name lists are ready for viewing.  Yours truly cannot remember all of the names/faces.  Please help.

Re: Calling All Grade Schools
Paul Biederman
05-29-2005 02:11pm
Ah, memories of Eastern.  Yes, walking home through the construction of the New Senior High School, how intimidating.  In just 4 years we were the new kids to get lost on that 'campus'!

And having to share a room with the big kids.  Ten of us 6th graders with eleven 7th graders.  And Mr. Bruce Miles who taught us Math.  Somehow we always had a little extra time so he would take us to the gym and teach us how to play volleyball, or outside to play softball in the Spring, while all the other kids in the school were still trapped in their classrooms.  How they resented us!

And re the Heffelfinger orchards, getting caught swiping apples!  I think Ron got all the grief for those activities!

Someone must have pictures of our classes at Eastern.  Classmates, dig in those attics and send them in!

Re: Calling All Grade Schools
Al Szpek
07-07-2005 10:17am
Does anyone remember the week long camp at Twin Lakes while attending Eastern?

Re: Calling All Grade Schools
Nancy Fineout Peterson
07-10-2005 02:32pm
Just a brief update on Grade School Progress.  We still do not have coordinators for Glenn Loomis or Sabin.  HELP!!

Boardman, Norris, Old Mission and Willow Hill seem to have the most 'kids' signing up or reporting in to their coordinators.  Please click the Reunions icon in the left margin and then click on 40th reunion to get to your coordinator pronto.  Just click on their name in the list to send an instant e-mail.  Voila.

We have one month to go before we meet.  This will be the best ever reunion thanks to this technology.  Many friendships have been renewed and begun over this web site.  What a treasure for us all.  See you soon.

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