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Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965 - Message Board

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Ted W. Smith
05-20-2005 04:23pm
O.K, here's the deal.  There were a lot of grade schools funneling kids into T.C.H.S. back in the sixties, but I'm quite sure that Norris was the best.  I suppose that is a slightly biased statement, since I attended there, but maybe it's also an indisputable fact.  So to find out, here's what I'm proposing: at the Saturday evening celebration (8/13), I think we should do a head count of attendees from each grade school and see which one has the best representation.  This contest may settle the 'best grade school' issue in our minds once and for all.  We'll see!

Marianne, Widge Shapiro, Ingwersen
05-23-2005 02:55am
I don't know what you mean by the best grade school Ted. What criterion are you using to judge the best?  Each school may have had a different flavor or area of goodness.  What quality or gift did each school bring forward? If not many kids/adults from Norris are at the reunion what does that really mean? Surely that is not a mark against them. What are they doing. Maybe each of us could contact remember of our grade school class to check if they are coming or not and what they are up to, just to make a personal contact.  Who has the phone or e mail list that is not posted.

Ted W. Smith
05-25-2005 12:41pm
Good grief, Charlie's a joke!!!!  Hey, hope to see you all there, whatever grade school you're all from!

Vicky Springer
05-25-2005 07:19pm
You are on!  Hey Boardman School alumnis,  let's get it together!  I did locate Kindergarten through 5th grade class photos and my son Ian will forward this week for this scanless Mom.  Remember Miss Kozelko, crayons up the nose, Miss Globig aka Mrs. Thompson?  And our dear Miss Guard?  Who was 5th grade?  
My strongest memories are of  us on the playground, fire escape and skinning both knees playing kickball.  Also breaking a bat that almost got Mr. Walbring.  And escaping to that little store to get wax lips.  Where are you Max, Sue, Earl, Danny, Tommy Billington, John Royce, Janet, etc.???  I hope to see as many of you as possible.  Watch out, I started chapter 1 of recollections of the Birchwood gang and would love to get more stories, whether you make it or not.  Hope you do and BOARDMAN ROCKS!!!

Ted W. Smith
05-25-2005 11:41pm
Way to go, Vicky!  Rally those Boardman classmates.  I think it's interesting the way that grade school friendships hang on.  As we prepare for this grand TCHS celebration, the phone and email chatter between all of us from the Norris bunch has doubled or tripled.  I guess we're all realizing how much we all mean to each other.  I hope it's the same for your grade school group....and all the others, too.  Like I said before....this 40th is going to be 'the event to remember.'

Nancy Fineout Peterson
05-26-2005 10:17am
The Grade School Broadcast should be sent out soon.  This Message Board is a wonderful way to reach out to those who have not volunteered to coordinate a school.  I still need Blair, Cherry Knoll, Courtade, Glenn Loomis, Old Mission, Sabin, Union and Yuba.  I have not heard back from Linda Hamrick/Old Mission or Ricky Bradford/Yuba.  Talk to me kids!!

Don Belyea
05-26-2005 02:55pm
Gee, I feel left out!  I moved here, and thankfully so, in '63 from another state, and there are others like me (well maybe not just like me.... thank heavens), but others.  It would be interesting to know how many there are of us, and maybe, just maybe, we should all band together and collectively call ourselves:    , so we can show who really, ROCKS!  Any thoughts?

administrator TCHS1965
06-02-2005 01:07pm
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