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Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965 - Message Board

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Grade School Classmates
TCHS1965 Administrator
06-11-2005 04:18pm
As an expansion to our 40th Reunion, we are promoting the gathering of grade school classmates during the weekend of August 12th - 14th.  Nancy Fineout Peterson is coordinating the volunteers for each school.  Check out the list below.

We are gathering at 5:00pm on Friday, August 12, at the Holiday Inn Tent Pavillion.  Each coordinator will be present to help you find your grade school classmates.  Just look for the Banner/Sign for your grade school.  We can meet and chat and renew old (and we mean really old) friendships. We all played cowboys and indians, softball, hide-n-seek, built sandcastles and climbed trees together.  Don't forget the fun we had during recess or maybe that truly first kiss stolen in the corner of the playground.  (Or was that just a peck?)

Those were the days of innocence and good, clean 1950's fun.  Not quite like the stress of being thrown into the masses of junior and senior high school.  Let's make sure we also celebrate that time of our lives.

Your help is needed. First we need to know which grade school or schools you attended and what years.  Please send us that information by replying to this message.  Then contact the person shown as your Grade School Coordinator by clicking on their email icon on the Contact Classmates page of our website.  If your grade school doesn't have a coordinator, volunteer for it by sending an email directly to Nancy.  Determine whether or not you want to expand your horizon and meet for more adventure. Ted Smith is planning a Bar-B-Que at his house for his Norris school classmates, Widge Ingwersen is planning a Sleder's Happy Hour and a neighborhood walk for Willow Hill Alums and Vicky Springer and Nancy are planning something special for those from Boardman and Eastern.

And finally, please dig up the old class pics and scan them to the website under the Grade School Photos section of 'Looking Back'.  (Check out the ones already posted there!)  We really need your help in locating some of these class pictures. It is easy to upload the picture

(as of 6/9/2005)
Bertha Vos - Sue Braden
Boardman -   Nancy (Fineout) Peterson/Vicky Springer
Central Grade School - Marie (Wolf) Spinney
Cherry Knoll - Betsy (Edgecomb) MacGirr
East Bay - Judy (Gould) Byal
Eastern - Vicky Springer
Glenn Loomis - Volunteer Needed
Interlochen - Don Ehrenberger
Long Lake - Gary Nicola
Norris - Ted Smith
Oak Park - Paul Biederman (interim)
Old Mission - Ken Kroupa
Sabin - Volunteer Needed
Traverse Hts. - Pam (Guger) Plenge
Trinity Lutheran - Gayle (Grueber) Popa
Willow Hill - Marianne 'Widge' (Ingwersen) Shapiro
Yuba - Lee Marnett

(If we missed a school, let us know.)  

Please volunteer to be your school's coordinator or contact your coordinator above ASAP to let them know you will be attending Friday night and/or if you have pictures available to be scanned to the website.  It is going to be fun and you will renew really 'old as dirt' friendships.  Nancy states that she has 'already experienced this and it has been a hoot'.

Thank you so much,

Your 40th Reunion Committee
Nancy (Fineout) Peterson
Grade School Reunion Coordinator

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Reponse to this idea of incorporating Grade School memories as part of our TCHS 40th Reunion has been very successful.  This is understandable since most of us spent 7 years in grade school versus 3 years each in Jr High and Sr High.

Check out the currently available grade school photos at Grade School Photos.  If you have official grade school photos, post them there and email copies of original images to website administrator for inclusion on the Reunion CD.

Post your other grade school era photos at Our Younger Selves

Post your favorite grade school memories on the Message Board topic Grade School Memories

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