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Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965 - Message Board

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40th Directory/CD mailed

Roger Rayle
04-08-2006 02:09am
After some unexpected delays and much hard work by reunion volunteers, the TCHS 1965 - 40th Reunion Directory was finalized and mailed April 5 along with the 40th Reunion Photos CD to those who ordered them or attended the Saturday Night Reunion Gala August 13, 2005.  

Advertisers will each get a complimentary copy as will any of our teachers who attended the reunion events.

If you are due a Reunion Directory/CD and have not received it within 10 days (i.e. April 15), contact Don Belyea at, 231-946-4106.  

To confirm whether you are due a Reunion Directory/CD or not, check the list below:


If the CD that was sent with the directory does not start automatically after inserting it into your computer's CD drive, try using your browser to open the following file from the CD: index.htm

For faster access and if you have at least 400MB free on a hard drive, you can copy the whole CD to a new folder on the hard drive and access the files from there.

Contact Roger Rayle if you have any problems with the CD.

Post your comments by clicking on 'Post Reply' below

Attached File: 40thReunionDirectoryCD.jpg


40th Directory/CD mailed

Roger Rayle
04-11-2006 12:00pm

Directory/CD Feedback

Thanks for all your hard work.  I cannot wait to open the mailbox and find these memories we made together.

Take good care,
Nancy in Naples


Hi guys. I sure wish I could have joined you for the fun and work project Wednesday evening.  Sounds like you had a great crew and completed the task in record time.  I just received my envelope in the mail today....opened it quickly and sat right down to look through the book.  What a great piece of work.  This probably sets a new 'high-water mark' for class reunion memorabilia.  Way to go.  
--Ted Smith--


Again 'Mange Takk' to the committee and volunteers....  I think you are all volunteers.  With our youngest heading off to Western Washington University....  we may be heading west but I will let you know when I am in TC should the committee need any help.  I look forward to getting the CDs.   Many thanks,  Anne Marie


I received the directory and it's just fabulous!  Thanks to all the
committee for their hard work.  Your only compensation is the good time
you had together, and I envy you.  Len and I really appreciate all your
efforts for the reunion and hope we maintain the website to keep

Len and Elaine Hawley

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