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Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965 - Latest News

07-05-2005 - Notes from June 29 Reunion Committee Meeting
Notes from the June 29 Committee meeting held at Pam (Guber) and Fred Plenge’s summer home.

Present were: Jack Keyes, Tom Killman, Elaine Bonaire, Gayle (Grueber) Popa, Pam (Guber) Plenge, Nancy (Hadley) and Jerry Kroupa, Pam (Fox) Alexander, Betsy (Edgecomb) MacGirr, and Don Belyea.

As a kick-off to our meeting Pam (Guber) Plenge had a big surprise for us, as she had our most southern committee member, Nancy (Fineout) Peterson, on her cell, of which we passed around and each of us enjoyed short conversations with her. Nancy wished to have been there, likewise for us, but it will make August 12th that much more anticipated.

After a short discussion, Nancy (Hadley) Kroupa was chosen as our moderator for the evening, and as expected she kept us on track, limited our fringe conversations, and concluded an aggressive and decision laden agenda. Our thanks to her.

Since Tom Killman had to attend another meeting this evening, we chose to have him kick off the meeting with a review of the planned golf outing (Mulligan). He has chosen A-ga-ming, near Torch Lake, with tentative tee times between the hours of 9:00 to 10:00AM; with costs of $39 for nine and $59 for eighteen, both with cart. A-ga-ming has a full service restaurant and beverage service and is a short drive from T.C. His alternative choice, is Elmbrook Golf Course, which has limited food services, but does sell libations of all sorts, same tee times, and is $49 for eighteen, with cart. It was determined that we would advise Paul to forward to all emailable classmates a notice concerning this outing, requesting them to secure a position, by signing-up, so as to determine the interest for the event.

From there the conversations continued along with ‘the power’ of the email, and it was determined that we should have three separate emails, immediately sent to all, concerning the following: Golf, Friday and Saturday Night Events, and lastly Grade School Listings. With our newly updated attendance spreadsheet (diligently performed by Myrna), Paul will be able to forward a mail merge program (combining all information), and at the same time perform the specific emails requested by the committee. Thank Goodness for Paul!

From this point on, we got back on track and followed the agenda schedule.

We reviewed a P&L statement and discussed ad sales and silent auction donations. With some additional legwork by committee members to sell ads and obtain some more silent auction donations… and by contacting classmates who had previously indicated that they were coming but had not yet officially registered, the finances should be fine.

The financial report was short and very sweet, as Pamela has a balance of $5,897.55 in our checkbook, and at his time there are not outstanding debts. Myrna was absent, so there were no updates on the Silent Auction, and the same for the Holiday Inn Tent Party, and the Hagerty Event, as Sally and Gayle, and Nancy, respectively, are waiting to meet with the representatives for the same. Gayle, has already purchased a guest book, and mentioned that a special cake be bought for the Holiday Inn Tent Party, (approved).

A general request to all committee members (and to all classmates) to forward, scan, whatever pictures they may have that fall into the numerous categories that are posted on the website, as Roger needs additional material for his and Paul’s Saturday night presentation. So guys and girls send your pics in, and if you have trouble doing so, email Roger Rayle at

Several discussion were held concerning how to administer granting ‘in need’ classmates the opportunity to attend an event(s), and it was thought to perform this randomly by observation and personal knowledge, with of course anonymity, and just say to them, ‘come and enjoy,’ it’s taken care of. Names should be run through Pamela and Don, for accounting purposes, but the committee members should be the ears and eyes for determining whom might be a candidate.

As to special guests that we would like to join us, our conversations included: Pearl, Paul Welch (Pam [GP} will talk to Paul), and Charlie Royal. I believe that we have re-visit this area and fine-tune our thoughts, or perhaps my memory. And, it is most important, that we receive from our not present committee members, their thoughts and ideas.

To acknowledge the many classmates who worked diligently and unselfishly to establish our numerous past reunions, it was decided to have them honored by listing their names on a banner, to be placed appropriately at the Hagerty Event.

From here the conversations ran into advance planning for the next reunion and it was not decided, but strongly recommended that it be in 2010, for our 45th reunion.

From this point on, the minute taker’s pen ran out of ink, and we ran out of energy, but not enough to thank Pam and Fred, once again, for a wonderful, wonderful evening.


1. Include Pam (GP), in the group of people that receive Myrna’s updated (tally) spreadsheet.
2. Classmate Mary Quick passed when in grammar school, check with the library for ‘bio’ and obituary.
3. Change our weekly advertisement (courtesy) in the Record Eagle to extend the registration deadline to July 15.
4. Send the names of the specific classmates to the several committee members listed below, that volunteered to contact with a friendly phone call, all whom have indicated they were going to attend this reunion, but as of yet, have not sent in their funds, or completed their registration. A total of 42 additional (possible) attendees. {completed]
a. Don
b. Pam
c. Nancy
d. Jerry
e. Betsy
f. Gayle
g. Pam

The following are the dates and sites for our upcoming committee meetings:

July 14 – Jack Keyes, 9856 S. Perrins Landing Drive, 231-649-6835,
click here for Map

July 21 – Gayle Popa, 7086 S. Crooked Creek Trail, 231-947-1088,
click here for Map

August 4 – Pam Plenge, 2527 Tonawnda Lake Road, summer:231-276-7910, cell: 239-821-6982,
click here for Map

August 11 – Nancy and Jerry Kroupa, 1796 Lake Pointe Dr, summer: 231-946-7877, cell(FL): 954-648-9484,
click here for Map

Everyone attending please bring a dish to pass, or sandwich and beverage of your choice.

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