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Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965 - Latest News

07-18-2005 - Notes from July 14 Reunion Committee Meeting
Notes from our 7-14-2005 Committee meeting, held at the home of Jack Keyes.

Attendees: Ted, Jack, Gayle, Pamela, Sally, Myrna, Nancy and Jerry, and Don.

Jack had the grill on and prepared for us hotdogs with all the fixings, of which we devoured along with cheeses, pickles, stuffed olives, hot German potato salad, cookies, and I am sure that I forgot something, but I can assure you, we ate it. Jack has a most unique backyard in which three creeks confluent, shade trees hundreds of years old, terraced rose vines creeping every which way, all of which reside within the confines of a quaint white picket fence. I am sure that Jack and his lovely wife find themselves at times, just listening to the babbling and restful sounds their creeks(s) utter. Thanks, Keyes!

A leader was chosen, okay picked, as Nancy (HK) led us once again and concluded yet another jammed packed agenda, along with several lengthy discussions.

A review of our projected financial abilities was had, indicating that if we were to have the Reunion events today, and that we stayed within our budgets, we would have a shortfall or negative balance in our checkbook of $661. We all felt that by increasing our attendance, which now stands at 115 classmates for the Friday night event, and 121 for the Saturday extravaganza, we should be to the plus side. Paul did compose and send a ‘Reminder Letter’ (actually we stuffed the very same into 175 envelopes in Jack’s backyard as light was fading, and Nancy dropped them at the Post Office on her way home) for our non-email classmates, and the same message was sent earlier by email to the rest, all with the hopes of drawing more classmates into our planned, FUN.

It was also discussed that we will push our advertising efforts forward till our next meeting, as no one present, had the spare time to go out and sell the same. And the same goes to finding ‘missing classmates,’ but Paul and Sally seem to single-handedly have this area covered, and we thank them. A lot of phone calls were made to contact our classmates whom said that they were coming, but as of yet, have not send in their registration forms and funds. Many messages were left, a few positive responses received, but additional and pleasing efforts are still needed in this area.


Paul, although not present, produced early in the week, email and other communications.

Myrna, held discussions concerning the Silent Auction and several items were discussed including: bidding sheets, credit card ability (although we have yet to obtain this, but have a few possibilities, any help on this area would be appreciated), the location of the tables that will hold the auction items, and lastly we reversed a decision to have our classmates use the #’s associated with themselves on the ‘spreadsheet’ as a bidding procedure, to, just using their first and last names, as the more we talked it seemed to make more sense and might just create a some ‘bidding wars,’ plus add a lot of fun and raise more money.

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