Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965
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Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965 - Class Trivia Contest #1
Our first quiz about TCHS and the TC area from our era.

1. What was the name of the Pet Store on Front Street in '65?
A - Petsmart
B - Molby's Pet Shop
C - Wag that Tail
D - The Dog Patch
E - Green Lantern
F - Lautners

2. What was the name of the dog that 'protected' the employees at the Tanz Haus?
A - Dutch
B - Prince
C - Tonka
D - Butch
E - Sarge
F - Duke

3. What was on the sign at the BO-GI besides BO-GI?
A - Boys and Girls Club
B - Traverse City Public Schools
C - Rotary International
D - Coca-Cola
E - Wadell Buick
F - Park Place

4. What was the first class to graduate from the 'new' High School now known as Traverse City Central?
A - 1958
B - 1959
C - 1960
D - 1961
E - 1962
F - 1963

5. What was the number one song in 1965?
A - 'Louie, Louie'
B - 'Help'
C - 'My GIrl'
D - 'I Got You Babe'
E - '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'
F - 'Downtown'

6. What Teacher was rumored to be pregnant during our Sophomore year because of her appearance?
A - Ms. Draper
B - Ms. MacInnis
C - Ms. Panter
D - Ms. Potes
E - Ms. Russell
F - Ms. Stark

7. During our high school days what was Traverse City's major bicycle store called?
A - Brick Wheels
B - Bruce's Bikes
C - The Schwinn Store
D - City Bike Shop
E - Rotary Wheels
F - Detweiler's

8. Which street does not fit geographically?
A - Madison
B - Randolph
C - Webster
D - Monroe
E - Elmwood
F - Wayne

9. What was not one of the ski runs at Hickory Hills?
A - Buck
B - Jack's Trail
C - Bunny Slope
D - Old Faithful
E - Pete
F - Swede

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