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Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965 - Message Board

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Nancy Fineout Peterson
05-05-2005 08:19pm
This is a wonderful tool for reconnecting and connecting to former classmates.  I am surprised that so few are using it.  It is so much fun to recall memories with people from our past.  Looking forward to more people signing in to the web site.  

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Don Belyea
05-06-2005 12:33pm
I agree Nancy, and I think there are some like me who just take a little time before they jump in, and finally I did, and the water is fine!  

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Roger Rayle
05-06-2005 01:26pm
The Reunion Committee agrees and thanks you for the encouragement.  The first regular mail reunion notice has just gone out... even to the people who had email addresses and were notified earlier... so more people will be updating their contact info and visiting the site.  

One key is for more people to upload photos, post comments, and contribute to the discussion group topics like this.

Committee members have gathered a lot more material that will be posted as time allows, but we hope that individual classmates will provide much of the content by going through their archives for photos, recalling old memories, and sending in current biographies and photos.  It's easy to do and  help is available if needed. TCHS Reunion Website Administrator

We don't have to wait for August 12-13...the reunion has already started here on our Reunion Website.

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Vicky Springer
05-12-2005 03:03pm
Thank you for finding me!    Look forward to viewing pictures and providing some and getting into the site.  Yes, I have all the Boardman Gradeschool class pix through 5th grade.  Coincidentally my Finnish family reunion is the weekend before in the UP, so am working on extending the vacation!  See you all in August.

Correct email addr:  (only one '.')

Attached File: Victoria &cat.jpg

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Marianne, Widge Shapiro
05-23-2005 03:18am
I am so glad someone took the trouble and time to fiond Vicki Springer, good you are coming. Vicki, Do you remember the time we were out in a boat (maybe yours?) in East Bay and Earl Hamilton got a dead animal on the beach, like a racoon or a possum, on a large stick and hurled it right into our boat, maggots and all? Ugghhh  Widge

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Vicky Springer
05-27-2005 02:01am
Nancy Hadley, you and I rowed forever to get over to where the boys were, Gary LaMott and Earl and that rascal whose name I have blocked out.  He swung a maggot infested dead whatever in circles and flung it and it landed on my head!  I screamed, threw it off and dived into the frigid water.  To top it off we had to row all the way back.  Although I was humiliated, it was pretty funny.  Oh yah, his name was Dick Cobb.  He also almost ran me down with his fishing boat that summer when I was swimming by myself, as he was watching the shore and not where he was going.  How many times did we have close calls with being brought up in an outdoors paradise !  If our parents only knew.  and thanks Gary for teaching me to jump on top of the water and slolam ski.  Remember jumping the boat over a sand bar and you were definitely the best skier touching your shoulder to the water.  My best memories are of playing each season on or near East Bay.  Would enjoy hearing from, what Nancy Fineout calls the 'Lake kids'and others.

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