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Jim DeWolfe - 07-18-2015
I plan to attend but cannot get the reservation site to accept any of my information. So I'll keep trying any suggestions?
Linda Hamrick Rogers - 07-14-2015
First, kudos to our committee members through the years. Thank you for all your time and commitment.
Second, is there a listing anywhere of people who plan to attend? Am I correct in saying that one of the class sites says 12 people are planning to attend the Hagerty Center event? That's very disappointing. I think turnout would be better if people could see who has responded and plans to attend, especially for those considering coming from out of town/state. Jim and I plan to attend the Hagerty event and hope to see a lot of old friends from HS and also some of his Albion classmates.
howard bristol - 04-08-2015
glad to hear about 50th could you email me the price per couple thank you HOWARD
Dawn Dunham - 03-02-2015
Re:  Roy G. Dunham, Jr.

Just wondering if anyone remembers him?  He passed away at 21.  I am his daughter & would love to be sent any tidbit of information that anyone can recall.  Putting together a memory book to share with my daughters & grandson.  Enjoy your 50th Reunion.  Cannot believe how fast life is.  Thank you in advance for any help in this matter.
Kathleen ('Kappy') Dorman Wagner - 01-02-2015
I've not heard any word of any plans for a 50th reunion for 2015. Is that in the works? I finally retired and can stay in Michigan for a reunion! Kappy in Kentucky
Vicki Deborah Barnes - 12-22-2014
Looked at pics. Recognized almost no one. I have been gone from TC for almost all of those 50 years. I did remember Ken Kroupa, but not the picture, obviously. I doubt that I will ever go to TC again, because the place holds such negative vibrations for me, but I wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who remembers me. In the pics I was was also pleased to see how many of you are still in great shape.
Jeffery Evans - 12-18-2014
Looking forward to 50th reunion, my wife Darla and I will be there.  My new address is HC 89 Box 225, Willow, AK 99688 and my phone number is 907-715-7780.
Terry Miller - 06-16-2014
Been here  for a few days getting some fresh northern air. Starting to head back To Sarasota Florida today 06/15/14. Really enjoyed my time here.
Richard Dennis Dingman - 05-23-2013
Is anyone out there?
Michelle Hazard - 01-20-2013
Hi I found you via your flickr photo album and thought I would check it out and see the due date for renewal is coming up fast.  Hope you get notice.  Best Wishes. Michelle - 01-25-2012

high school diploma - 12-15-2010
Great website thanks for sharing
Lindsey W. - 12-07-2010
Oh, Kate! How I've missed you! All of you guys! Call me! My number is 734-308-1204! Call anytime, but I'm probably there most around 10:00pm Michigan time. BTW, my last name is now Willis! I'm married with three daughters Caroline, Mikayla, and Ashley! But please, call me!!!!
Katthrine 'Kate' Pikla - 12-07-2010
I miss you all so much! My daughters, Sadie 'Saddles' and Jeanie 'Pickles', say hi to all of you too! I love you Rick Charles! xoxo
Kathleen 'Kappy' Dorman Wagner - 07-23-2010
I was hoping to finally make it to a reunion but unfortunately, must return to Kentucky before that time in August (schools in KY begin in August, if you can believe that!). A special big 'Hello' to my East Bay School classmates! I would have loved to see those of you who could make it. I continue to teach at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY but plan to retire from there within the next year or so. I have a wonderful granddaughter, Zoe, who is will be 3 years old this fall. My husband Don and I have a summer cabin out on Duck Lake where we live each summer to escape the Kentucky heat. Everyone have a great reunion gathering!

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