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Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965 - Guestbook

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Roger Rayle - 05-11-2005
Maybe you're one of those people like me who, for whatever reasons, didn't volunteer a whole lot to help with functions during our school days or with the prior class reunions.  But now that you're older, you finally may have time to put some of your experience and knowhow to good use in tackling some of the unassigned tasks that remain to be done for our class reunion.  

Click on Reunion Task Coordinator/Sub Committee Volunteer List to see if there is any Unassigned Sub-Committee position or any other sub-task that you might be willing to take on.  Then email the Reunion Committee.

Some tasks wouldn't require much time and some can be done remotely, as I have been doing with the website administration and as Paul Biederman has been doing with the Classmate Contact lists.

Judith (Judy) Gould Mooney Byal - 05-09-2005
We (Dar, my husband) just booked our reservations at one of the resorts for the Reunion last week so it looks like we will be there for sure.  We can't wait to see all the changes with friends,  fellow classmates and T.C..
Nancy Fineout Peterson - 05-01-2005
Pam Guger Plenge, Linda Swan Gamber and I had lunch yesterday at Fisherman's Village In Punta Gorda, FL......the place hit by one of the Hurricanes last summer.  It was hard to see that this area still has not recovered.  We did have a wonderful time catching up on 40 years with Linda.  We all brought old Pines and pictures.  Our waitress took the pic in Look at Us Now and We Got Together.  Check us out.
Mary G Roxburgh Core - 04-23-2005
What I want to know is..... How can it be our 40th when I am still only 28!!!
It will be wonderful to see old friends again!
then: Widge Ingwersen, now Marianne Shapiro - 04-16-2005
I hope to be at the Reunion. I am old like you. I have lived many lives (like you), I still have a memory (which is excited by recollections of my growing years with all of you and our homeland), and I am stimulated regarding reconnecting and connecting. I work as a mental health counselor in provate practice and I facilitate psychodrama groups and workshops with my husband and others.  a We have a summer llama trekking/pack business Web site: Deli Llama Wilderness  and so I am reserving time out to attend TCHS Reunion. My daughter, Pootie Powell (father is George Powell, also in our class) lives close by in Bellingham and owns and operates a bar, Grand Avenue Ale HOuse. She is now 37 and delightful to share time with.

Mary Smith Lee - 04-14-2005
Greetings from home.  Well close enough.  Suttons Bay has been my home for a few years now.  I have enjoyed living on the bay.  Haven't worked in quite a few years but still manage to keep busy.  Spend lot's of time with the computer.  Like Need for Speed and The Sims.  Also do lots of gardening and crafting.  Can even use the Men's tools.  You know Like a table saw etc. Things girls didn't used to touch.  Hope to see lots of you soon.
Grins, Mary
Don Ehrenberger - 04-12-2005
Greetings from Manassas, VA.  Thanks to all that are setting this up.  Looking forward to being there in August.  
Pamala D. Guger Plenge - 04-01-2005
Hi from Bonita Springs Florida!  I too thank all our classmates for the hard work putting this web site together and getting set for our reunion.  Can you believe we're this old???  Nancy Fineout Peterson and I are anxious to see you all again.  It's wonderful to winter down here, but I still think of Traverse as 'home' so  I'm looking forward to spring.  See you all in August.
Nancy Lee Fineout Peterson - 03-31-2005
Hello from Naples, Florida  Just signed in to the guestbook and found one of my buddies - Sherrie Lynn Abbey - right on top.  Hello Sherrie.  This is so exciting.  We plan to be in TC that week with Pam Guger and Fred Plenge.  Can't wait to see you all.
Sherry Lynn Abbey Hall - 03-30-2005
Love the website!!! What a great idea!! I have not heard from anyone since the 25th reunion. I'm planning on attending, but am absolutely sure no one will remember me. I miss TC very much and loving being able to visit every once in a while. See you in August!!
William E. Reynolds - 03-30-2005
Thanks to Paul and all the fellow classmates for doing all of this.  I look down at all the names and the memories come flooding back.  I just found out yesterday (3-29-05) that I have to be in Jakarta, Indonesia July 15th to take over the tsunami reconstruction contracting so my family and I will not make it back to the States this summer as I/we were really hoping to make the reunion.  I will certainly drink an Indonesian beer or two on the 12th of August.....    
William Somers - 03-30-2005
I too no longer have a year book, so it was great to see it again.  I am looking forward to coming to the reunion and seeing old friends.
Steve McKasson - 03-30-2005
This web site is a great idea.  I haven't seen anybody since the 10th reunion so there is some catching up to do.  I hope a lot of people make it this time.
Kathy (Kappy) Dorman Wagner - 03-30-2005
Thanks for putting up this site -- I've not hardly seen any class mates in about 20 years so I will look forward to visiting back here and viewing any pictures that get put up. I hope everyone has a wonderful time.  
Nancy Hadley Kroupa - 03-29-2005
This will be the best reunion yet....hope to see everyone there.

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