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Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1965 - Guestbook

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Linda Hall Keller - 01-23-2010
I've been out of touch for many years, but would love to reconnect with classmates.  I'm hoping to come back to the reunion this August, but unsure if I can at this time.  I'm on Facebook, so 'friend' me if you'd like.  Also have pix there of recent vacations.  I've moved from the Minneapolis area to Rochester, Minnesota.  My oldest daughter is a senior at Hamilton College in New York state and my youngest daughter is a freshman at UW in Seattle.  Hoping to hear from you.  Linda
Jeffery Evans - 12-11-2009
Living the life in Alaska would love to have information on how to reach David Easling and Gregory Kurt (sp).  Hope to make it to next reunion.  My mailing address is HC 36 Box 2893 T, Wasilla, Alaska 99654.  Headed out to Florida on Dec 14 and would love to hook up with anyone who might remember me.  Cell number is 907-715-6588.
Rose Tidman, Patrick Allen Tidmans Daughter - 09-03-2009
I'd Hoped to contact anyone who may have been close to my father because he had recently passed on sept.1. I f you were close and need more info. email me at
Michael E. Bradford - 06-26-2009
Sorry to have missed 40th reunion.. but looking forward to 45th. Back to T.C. last week to visit my dad in Bellaire. Had to stop in for some fudge and a burger at Sleders. Youngest son finishing PhD at Eastern Michigan. Daughter now 40!!! Five grand children (so far) Oldest son, Michael, in Ann Arbor working for Taqa, based in Dubai. Old friend, old neighbor from Barlow street, Greg Kirt, lives only a few miles away in Pleasant Lake. I understand Michael O'Shea still works for WCCW and will probably drop dead at the mic! Linda (Brobeck) and I married for 43 years... and I thought miracles didn't happen any more! Best to all.  
Gary R Johnson - 09-06-2007
I am a 67 TCHS grad, and just ran across this fantastic website.  It was interesting to visit and reflect on those who have died.  That portion of the website is very special in my opinion.  My sister Karen is a 65 graduate.
Sheila Marie Lievense - 12-16-2006
I am Cynthia Lynn Hubbell's daughter. I just happened to google my mothers' name as I do not know a lot about her death, to this day, and I was trying to find some information. Her name came up on your web site for the In Memory of page. I want to thank you. It was very nice.
Richard D. Dingman - 11-03-2006
Sorry I missed the last 3! Maybe If I live long enough I will make the 50th
MaryEllen (Mare)  Lyon - 09-29-2005
JB and I would like to say a big Thank You  to everyone who worked so very hard to make our 40th class reunion such a wonderful experience.  We have thought and spoken of our lovely weekend many times since August.   It was truly enjoyable to be able to visit with so many people we both remember with fondness and a smile. We are both looking forward to the next one.  Thank You all again for a wonderful weekend.

I would also like to send a Thank You to Ted Smith for my Norris School Reunion and to Ken Kroupa for the Old Mission Reunion.  They were both  very, very special.  Both of our grade school classes were closeknit and bound with an exceptional affection for each other.  I especially, appreciate and care about all of my classmates from Norris School.  What a truly wonderful bunch of adults they all turned out to be.  Thank You again , Ted and Annie , for planning such a pleasurable afternoon.  God's Blessings to all of you until we gather again.

Roger Rayle - 08-24-2005
Wow!  What a lot of fun (and work) it's been keeping up with all of the preparations for the reunion ... and the aftermath.  

I'm guessing that we'll end up with more than 1000 photos of the various reunion events.  It's obvious we can't post them all on this website, but we probably can fit them all on the final Reunion CD by compressing them some.  If you have digital images of reunion events that you would like to contribute to the website and the Reunion CD, let me know.

We're also reviewing options for posting the full size images on an adjunct website such as  That way we can post all of the reunion photos in original size where everyone could get to them... and member classmates can post their own reunion photos.  We may want to keep the viewing within the TCHS1965 community by using whatever built-in access protection is available.

For comments about the reunion from recent emails, check out the Message Board topic: 40th Reunion - Feedback.  You can add your own comments there or right here as Guestbook entry by clicking on Sign Our Guestbook above.
Barb Storrs-Reneaud - 08-17-2005
A huge ' Thankyou ' to all of you girls and guys that worked so hard to make this reunion such a success.  You all deserve an  enormous hug!!!
My husband a I had a wonderful time and look forward to the next one. And, I promise I will be on a committee!
It was such a pleasure to see  (old) friends again and hopefully we can stay in touch through this wonderful website. Lets encourage everyone to be at the next one...........I'm already looking forward to it.
For those of you in the area, you're always welcome to stop by for a peaceful visit on the river and dont forget about Flower Power, when it comes time to buy your plants.
Take care everyone.
Nimnul - 08-17-2005
Awesome site! Keep up the good work! I remember the good old days
Sherry Abbey Hall - 08-16-2005
Just wanted to take a moment to thank the committee for a wonderful reunion! It was a hoot seeing everyone!!! I appreciate all you did to make it a success. Missed seeing some kids who signed up to go, but maybe, I'll see them in 5 years at the next! Thanks again.
Anne Marie Raftshol - 08-12-2005
Hi 1965 TCHS Graduates....  I am sitting here in New Mexico invisioning the Willow Hill Walk....  a beer at Louie's....  and all the hugs and great times to follow during the festivities tonight and tomorrow.  I think I went into a major depression when I realized that I again would not be with my classmates at a reunion...  when the weekend is over I should recover.  Thinking of you. I have enjoyed reading all the bio's and the get togethers.  Have a great time...
                                                                                                               Anne Marie
Elaine Johnson Hawley - 08-09-2005
Len and I are looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.  I realize that the smart people are those who send photos ahead of time to cushion the shock!  I'm still trying to figure out jpegs and photo shops, but I do have a website at work that's not too out of date, and that's the best I can do...
See you soon.
Susan Braden VandeByl - 08-05-2005
I have really enjoyed reading everyones' comments and looking at the web site contents. Thanks to Roger for such a great job on 'organizing' our memories. It was great reading Nancy Fineout's posting about lunch in Naples as we used to live in Ft. Myers and met friends at the wharf frequently. Our oldest son and 4 grandkids live in Cape Coral so we still get down there to visit, but seldom have the time to visit the wharf...Chucky Cheese is the happening place these days.  Looking forward to the reunion and all the doings. Do hope that fellow Bertha Vos alumni will be at the BV table Friday night!

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