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Bonnie (Round) King - 07-22-2005
This is so great to be able to read about so many of our classmates.  I'm not very good on my computer, so I hope this is still here after our reunion or that  I'll be able to keep it somehow.  After working on the first three reunions, I can tell you this is wonderful.  We did them all by hand.  Judy Lemcool Goodrich did the typing on her computer for our yearbook for the 25th.  So much help.  Thank you to all who worked on this reunion, you're doing a fantastic job.  See you at the party.
MaryEllen (Satter) Lyon - 07-22-2005
this website is absolutely wonderful.  I have had great fun looking at all of the photos and reading the various comments and updates.  jb and i will be attending the old mission reunion saturday afternoon, the high school reunion saturday evening and the norris school reunion sunday afternoon. yeah Norris!  we are both very happy for the opportunity to see everyone again.
Joanne Corcoran (McGill) - 07-20-2005
Can't make the reunion. Niece getting married.
Married to Terry Corcoran from St. Francis class of 66
Have 5 kids and 8 grandkids!
I remember my high school days like they were yesterday...
Judy Robinson Heller - 07-17-2005
Hey Every-one, Aloha from Hawaii!
I am , as usual, fat and happy as ever and REALLY looking forward to the reunion. We are building a summer home on the penninsula and very much looking forward to living there (and here in the winter) in the summer in a couple more years. Can't wait to see you all and get caught up.
Fond Aloha,
Gayle (Grueber) Popa - 07-07-2005
Just want to say 'Hi' to Penny (Collings) Gruber. Nice to have another Gruber in the TCHS 1965 family even if we spell it differently. Hope to see you at the reunion.
Pandora (Penny) Collings Gruber - 07-06-2005
Thanks to Pam Fox for 'finding' me and sending me this website!  I live in Bradenton, FL and presently am in the 2nd year of being mobilized for a medical army active duty mission and am assigned very near my home.
Gayle (Grueber) Popa - 06-30-2005
I am having fun with the reunion planning group. It's amazing how we can still feel connected after all this time. I don't feel 'old' until I remember it has been 40 years since I graduated from high school! I learned at our meeting last night that my friend from our senior year- Jean Lawler- is planning to attend. I am so excited to see her as she has not been to any previous reunions. I encourage all our classmates to please try to come to the reunion. I promise you will have a great time. See you there.
Bob Diller - 06-22-2005
I have great memories of the TCHS days. I'm so disappointed that it will not work out for Bobbi and me to attend this reunion. The committees are doing such a great job of communicating and organizing the event. I'm sure it will be a wonderful time together.
Nancy FIneout Peterson - 06-07-2005
Oops.  I missed Betsy Edgecomb McGirr.  She has taken the coordinator position for Cherry Knoll.  She is not on the Contact Classmates list as yet, so I will fix that.
Nancy Fineout Peterson - 06-07-2005
The latest update.  We have Lee Marnett joining us for YUBA.  Ricky Bradford and Bob Burns, please contact him.  Thanks.

We are trying to convince Sherilyn Beattie to be the Oak Park coordinator.

See my message below.  We are getting close to completing this........
Nancy Fineout Peterson - 06-04-2005
Just an update on the Grade School Reunions progress.

We welcome Judy Gould Byal for East Bay and Kenneth Kroupa for Old Mission as your coordinators.  Alums please contact them with your plans for August and dig out the old grade school class pics to download on the site.  Thanks again, Judy and Ken.

Blair, Cherry Knoll, Courtade?, Glenn Loomis, Oak Park, Sabin & Silver Lake? still need coordinators.  This is a fun and easy way to take a trip down memory lane and you can do it all by e-mail.  If you can't come to the reunion, you will feel like a part of it by being coordinator.  Please volunteer.  Thank you.
Kenneth L. Kroupa - 06-04-2005
My wife, America, and I now live in Austin, Minnesota and are looking forward to this reunion.  I will be contacting as many of the Old Mission People that I can in order for us to have a fun get together.  If any of them can email me, that would be great, too.  Lets get the conversation going ahead of time.  Ken
Dennis S. Chapman - 06-02-2005
My schedule has changed enough so I will probably be in TC during the reunion.
Hope to see all the gang from Michigan days.
Life in the mountains of Utah is entertaining to say the least.
Anne Marie Raftshol - 05-28-2005
Hello from New Mexico.  I still have hopes of making it to the reunion.  Thanks to everyone on the committee for your time and great accomplishments.  Last month our daughter who is a Junior in High School was doing a project for humanities.....  on the 60's.  I easily found numerous items from HS and college and when she took them for her presentation the teacher referred to them as 'artifacts'.  I immediately corrected him, they are called 'memories'. Thanks to all for my wonderful memories.
Ted W. Smith - 05-20-2005
Wow!  This reunion is shaping up to be a wonderful time of reconnecting.  I've had the distinct honor of meeting with the reunion committee to help locate some of our 'temporarily misplaced classmates.'  We have had many wonderful times of getting together..... blending our collective creativity to create an enjoyable evening for all of us in August.  If you are 'on the fence' regarding whether you'll attend or not, I encourage you to decide in favor of coming.  This event is going to be memorable-to-the-max.  P.S. - Most of you funneled into T.C.H.S. from one of the grade schools in the surrounding area.  Go to the website Message Board - Grade School Challenge to see the grade school challenge.  NORRIS ROCKS!!!!!

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